Happy Holidays

28 December 2021

Wishing you a wonderfull New Year

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Better pellets thanks to bio-based fertiliser additives

11 November 2021

Instral wins Biovoice Challenge 2021 and starts collaboration with Cargill

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Fast oil/water separation with a C-Force® demulsifier

27 January 2021

A video which shows the direct effect of one of our unique products.

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Dry Cargo International Magazine | June 2020

27 July 2020

Sulphur — and other cargoes — made safe with INSTRAL coating.

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Control of oak processionary moth by INSTRAL

16 June 2020

INSTRAL developed a new and unique product to remove annoying oak processionary moth caterpillars from trees.

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Dry Cargo International Magazine | May 2020

12 June 2020

Innovative products for biomass dried digestate treatment

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Cooperation SIMEX and INSTRAL

8 May 2020

“Mechanic Engineering Competence meets Excellence in Performance Chemicals”

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26 September 2019

An animation about the perfect dust control treatment with C-Force® INFRA. Reduce dust emission at your site!

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Dust control on sinter

5 March 2019

C-Force® Industry IPC keeps the dust where it belongs: on the sinter.

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Free-flowing iron ore pellets during wintry periods

8 January 2019

Would you prefer free-flowing iron ore pellets during wintry periods?

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