During recycling processes the liberation of dust can cause great problems

Especially inside factories dust can’t escape, but also in open air the dust can cause major (health)risks.

By applying a layer of C-Force® RECYCLING a dust-tight shell is formed. Reducing the dust with C-Force® RECYCLING ensures that workers run less health risks from dust.


C-Force® RECYCLING in comparison with other dust reducing agents:

  C-Force® RECYCLING Water (fog) Foam
Dust reduction
Dust reduction at the source  
Works during comlete process    
Environmentally friendly  
Easily to apply with conventional equipment


unique chemical product line


It has the focus on quality improvement, untroubled process continuation and environmental care. Worldwide in a wide range of applications, C-Force® products are used. Due to our extended R&D capabilities, we are "the source" for unique Total Treatment Solutions.

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