The emission of dust can cause great problems during recycling processes of wood, glass, waste, organic manure, bottom ash, fly ash, etc.

Especially inside factories dust can’t escape, but in open air the dust can also cause major (health)risks.

Prevention is better, more effective and cheaper, than cure. Applying a layer of C-Force® RECYCLING will prevent dust of becoming airborne. Which gives the following advantages:

  • the dust does not disturb and harm the workers
  • the dust does not give wear to equipment or damage electronical devices
  • the dust does not have to be cleaned up or filtered out of the air
  • when a filter system is already present, expensive filters can be replaced less frequently
  • reducing dust emission with C-Force® RECYCLING ensures that workers run less health risks.


C-Force® RECYCLING in comparison with other dust reducing agents:

  C-Force® RECYCLING Water (fog) Foam
Dust reduction
Dust reduction at the source  
Works during complete process    
Environmentally friendly  
Easily to apply with conventional equipment