unique fixation, easy to apply, environmentally friendly RUPSSOL
unique fixation, easy to apply, environmentally friendly


A unique treatment with RUPSSOL ensures that all micro hairs of the oak processionary caterpillar are and remain fixed, so that dispersion in the air stops immediately.

RUPSSOL is a safe product for humans, animals and the environment and is biodegradable, it maintains its effect after rain showers.


Oak processionary moth control

Oak processionary moth

The oak processionary caterpillar is the larva of a moth, which lays its eggs mainly in the tops of oak trees where they hibernate. The eggs hatch from mid-April to early May. Groups of caterpillars come together after a number of molts. Oak processionary caterpillars form large nests on the trunk and side branches of the oak tree. The caterpillars molt three times, then they get stinging hairs.

The stinging hairs cause health problems. Oak trees with oak processionary caterpillars can be recognized by the spherical, white-gray nests on the trunks or thicker branches. The nests are dense spindles of molting skins, with stinging hairs and feces.

The problem

Health risks for humans and animals arise from direct contact with the oak processionary caterpillar, from mid-May to July, through the spread and blowing of stinging hairs (micro-hairs) and molting remains from nests (June-September). Stinging hairs remain active for six to eight years because the structure of the hair is not broken down. So if the caterpillars and nests are not cleaned up, the risks to the environment are not resolved. When contact with stinging hairs, a foreign protein is released. Some people develop symptoms only eight hours after direct contact. Skin irritations can easily last for two weeks. The severity of the skin irritations varies from person to person.

The solution - RUPSSOL

RUPSSOL is an excellent and highly dust-binding liquid. After application it leaves a kind of wax-like film on the caterpillar which fixes the hairs (micro hairs) directly on the caterpillar itself. In addition, it is possible to spray the nest from the inside and outside, as well as the soil / grass under the tree.

Treatment this way ensures that all the hairs are and remain fixed, so that dispersion in the air stops immediately. This creates a safe situation to remove the caterpillars and nests from the tree and burn them.
Employees involved in this processing process can safely perform their work.


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