Moisture repellent coatings

Ammonium nitrate

The C-Force® FMR series has been has been especially designed for strong anticaking and moisture repellent behaviour.

Calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN)

Several products in the C-Force® FMR series can also be used in combination with talcum powder when the caking tendency of the material requires this. The products will give a good moisture repellent performance and will efficiently bind dust and talcum powder to the granules.

Urea-ammonium sulfate

This fertilizer combination is prone to absorb moisture whilst being stored and transported. Conventional moisture repellent coatings will not help as they will be consumed as a consequence of clathrate formation with urea from the fertilizer. Instral can provide coatings that have especially been developed for this fertilizer combination. These prevent moisture pick-up and issues as excessive dust formation and stalactites in the bulk pile.



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