Is the liberation of dust a problem at your company?
Instral is a specialized and leading company in the world of dust control.
The innovative C-Force® dust control additives are applicable in various situations.

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Dust control

C-Force® Products

Innovative dust suppression solutions

Instral creates unique solutions to suppress the dust liberated at numerous applications, whilst keeping cost and water-consumption low.

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unique dust suppression products

C-Force® Products

C-Force® the unique range of dustsuppression products developed by INSTRAL

More about C-Force® products

Research and Development

Our highly educated and experienced R&D team is constantly 
developing and creating new treatment solutions.

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Example treatment

Example of our unique dust control treatment.

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Dust control at a higher level

Dust suppression products

Innovative dust suppression products, applicable at numerous applications.

Tailormade dust control

Every unique situations needs a unique solution.

Engineering solutions

In addition to providing additives Instral can also take care of the complete installation of related equipment.