The liberation and presence of dust in the air is a problem that causes a nuisance around the globe.

Not only does dust cause discomfort, but it also poses a serious threat to the public health. C-Force® INDUSTRY was especially developed to prevent the liberation and re-suspension of dust in and around mines, during trans-loading and storage of ores and minerals. C-Force® INDUSTRY provides for employees to work in a cleaner and healthier environment.

C-Force® INDUSTRY is for example applicable in the following industries: mines, dry bulk terminals, steel mills and coal-fired power stations.

Instral in action

Iron ore treatment with C-Force® Industry

The advantages of C-Force® Industry

C-Force® INDUSTRY in comparison with other dust reducing agents:

  C-Force® INDUSTRY Water Latex Paper pulp
Dust reduction
Long term effect  
Environmentally friendly
Maintaining efficiency after rainfall      
Easily to apply with conventional sprayer  


A solution for every customer

Industry products

Additives which prevent dust to go airborn in industrial areas.


Instral is able to provide all necessary equipment, including dosing- and control equipment.

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Easy application

C-Force® Industry can easily be applied with a spray cannon or with a fog cannon.

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