C-Force® INFRA

C-FORCE® INFRA, the perfect treatment to reduce dust emission on your site!

C-Force® INFRA

Wind erosion can transport carefully placed sands on construction sites to undesired areas in a very short time. This can cause a lot of discomfort in the direct environment.

C-Force® INFRA was especially developed to keep the sand fixed at its intended position and to prevent the re-suspension of dust in the air.

Examples of applications are:  construction of roads, new residential areas, airports, railways, dirt roads and sand beds.

Easy application of C-Force® INFRA

Easy application of C-Force® INFRA on sand embankment.

C-Force® INFRA compared to other dust reducing agents:

  C-Force® INFRA Water Latex Paper pulp
Prevents dust spreading through the environment
Retains performance after rainfall  
Environmentally friendly
Long-term performance  
Applicable during construction and demolition activities    


INSTRAL in action

INSTRAL's innovative dust and erosion prevention applied at Flevokust Harbor in Lelystad.

C-Force® INFRA applied in the desert.