Marine slop and waste oil includes bilge sludge, cargo residues, engine oils, contaminated fuel oils as well as bilge water and cargo rinsing water. Marine slop oil and Marpol oil contains a wide range of emulsions, solids and pH deviation. In the recovery process the following challenges have to be tackled:

  • Chemical diversity of the waste oil
  • Increased environmental restrictions
  • Demands to cut energy use
  • Improvement of the recovery grade of useful materials 
waste & slop oil products

Innovative chemical treatment

Chemical treatment becomes essential in most of every case. INSTRAL specially formulated a serie C-Force® products to improve the recovery of marine slop oil and Marpol oil and tailor made formulations can be tailor made for each specific purpose. The final treated oil can be used for example as a high calorific value secondary fuel.


Benefits of the unique C-Force® treatment

Furthermore Instral can help you with an efficient treatment of the waste water generated. We can deliver suitable treatment solutions which fits to your treatment facilities. Depending on your requirements also mechanical, physical and biological treatment method can be applied.

Turning waste to Valuable Recourse
Fast oil – water separation
Sharp oil – water interphase
Maximum recovery of valuable oil
Optimum removal of water and solid impurities
Reducing hold-up time in the recovery process
Reducing required heat; this significant reduction of direct heating cost will often be a bonus benefit



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