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Ion exchange is often used to remove ions from water. The ions exchanged takes place on a resin. Ion exchangers can be divided into cation exchange (exchanging positive ions such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, etc.) and anion exchange (exchanging negative ions such as chloride, sulphate, etc.). A mixed bed system contains both, cationic and anionic resin. A water softener is an example of a cation exchanger. On the resin surface calcium ions and magnesium ions are exchanged for sodium ions. For the production of demineralised water a bed of cationic and anionic resin is used to exchange cations for hydrogen ions (H+) and anions for hydroxide ions (OH-). The hydrogen ions form together with hydroxide ions water molecules. The regeneration of the ion exchanger is carried out with a salt, acid and/or base solution.

There are numerous ion exchange resins and installation setups available. Instral can advise you about the various options and deliver the optimal ion exchange setup.

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