Single parameter photometers


  • Scroll memory
  • Automatic Switch-Off
  • Real time Clock and date
  • Calibration mode
  • Backlit display
  • Storage function
  • One Time Zero (OTZ)
  • Waterproof (as defined in IP 68, 1 hour at 0.1 meter)


Alkalinity-M COD pH
Aluminum Copper Phosphate
Ammonia Fluoride Silica
Bromine Hazen (Pt-Co-Units; APHA) Cyanuric Acid
Calcium hardness Iron Suspended solids
Chloride Manganese Total hardness
Chlorine Molybdate Total Nitrogen
Chlorine dioxide Monochloramine Urea
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It has the focus on quality improvement, untroubled process continuation and environmental care. Worldwide in a wide range of applications, C-Force® products are used. Due to our extended R&D capabilities, we are "the source" for unique Total Treatment Solutions.

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