The Retort provides a method for measuring the percentage (%) of oil, water, and solids (suspended and dissolved) contained in a sample. Knowledge of oil, water, and solid content is fundamental to proper control production properties when considering oil/water ratios, rheology, density, filtration, and salinity.

Electronic temperature control (available on 50 mL and 20 mL sizes) provides more accurate, reliable, and reproducible testing. The digital display shows the current working temperature, so you always know your test conditions.

  •  Rugged, stainless steel carrying case
  •  Electronic temperature control
  •  Improves accuracy and readability
  •  Digital display
  •  Provides better reproducibility
  •  Ultimate in portability
  •  Small footprint if used in laboratory
  •  Accurate, tamper proof temperature controller
  •  Includes all accessories necessary to run a test
  •  Recommended for testing cuttings
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