Multiparameter Test Kits


A range of On-Site oil test kits based around an electronic test cell for Water &/or BN. Features include fully digital display and 5 year battery life. Where appropriate, tests incorporate our new range of  reagents that greatly reduce HAZMAT and Transportation considerations. DIGI tests provide quantitative results for trending, they generally require replacement consumables available in comprehensive packs. ECON tests are entry level qualitative go/no go type test where the test also forms the replacement reagent pack.

  •  Various configurations are available in either an aluminium or ABS carry case complete with consumables for 25/50 tests
  •  Water - DIGI Electronic test cell. High and low water ranges
  •  BN (TBN) - DIGI Electronic test cell (duel function, option to test Water also)
  •  Viscosity - Either a falling ball DIGI Viscometer or ECON Viscostick
  •  Insolubles - Either an electronic DIGI IR Insols test or an ECON filter test.
  •  Salt - ECON Salt test 
  •  AN (TAN) - ECON AN test
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