Crude oil treatment

Innovative C-Force® products

C-Force® ODM series

  • Demulsifier
  • Oil, water & sediment/salt separation
  • Removes and prevents against fouling
  • Prevents against corrosion

C-Force® OCI series

  • Corrosion inhibition
  • Anti scaling
  • Compatible with other crude additives

C-Force® OCA series

  • Removing of inorganic deposits
  • Removing of organic deposits
  • Excellent cleaning power

C-Force® OFA series

  • H2S scavenger
  • Mercaptane scavenger
  • TAN reduction agent

C-Force® OHA series

  • Pour point depressant
  • Flow improvement
  • Drag reducer

C-Force® OBC series

  • Biological control
  • Fast acting
  • Non corrosive

C-Force® ODR series

  • Paraffin Control
  • Asphaltene Inhibition

C-Force® OWA series

  • Reduction of surface tension
  • Wetting and dispersing
  • Antistatic

C-Force® OHI series

  • Gas Hydrate Inhibition
  • Prevents plugging of pipelines by gas hydrate depositions

C-Force® ODF series

  • Defoaming
  • Anti-foaming
  • Two way action 
C-Force® Solutions

Crude oil treatment solutions ensures a reliable production process

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