INSTRAL is specialist in creating tailor made chemical products and solutions. Every problem deserves a unique solution. Our experienced experts can help your company to improve your processes. Our products and solutions are efficient and practical.

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C-Force® Applications

We can also provide you with complete tailormade solutions

Latest news

27 January 2021

Fast oil/water separation with a C-Force® demulsifier

A video which shows the direct effect of one of our unique products.

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27 July 2020

Dry Cargo International Magazine | June 2020

Sulphur — and other cargoes — made safe with INSTRAL coating.

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16 June 2020

Control of oak processionary moth by INSTRAL

INSTRAL developed a new and unique product to remove annoying oak...

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Oilfield solutions that bring you further

INSTRAL can provide you with innovative products which improve the efficiency of crude oil treatment significantly.

Oil Solutions
Instral Innovations

We create unique solutions to suppress dust

Tailor made anti-dust coatings for every application

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Research and Development

Our highly educated and experienced R&D team is constantly 
developing and creating new treatment solutions.

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Fertilizer solutions

Unique innovative fertilizer solutions, suitable to various applications

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A solutions for every unique customer

Water solutions

Our products keep your water system in shape

INSTRAL delivers a total chemical treatment package for your water bearing system to reduce production stops, energy saving and lower maintenance costs. For each type of water bearing system and water quality Instral has a specific Water Treatment Program consisting of one or multiple products in the C-Force ® series.

Our water treatment program


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