Instral has the bio-based solution to face any challenge in production of high-quality fertilizers. Our experts understand production requirements and on-site challenges. Together with your plant-operators they can find a way to fit the BIO-Force® additives in your production system.

Stable, hard, uniform particles

Stable, hard, uniform particles

BIO-Force fertilizer additives enhance the quality of the particles from the inside out. Resulting in:

  • narrow particle size distribution (higher yield!)
  • round, smooth, uniform particles
  • large granules
  • hard granules
  • stabilized granules (no post-reactions)

Organic farming

There are limited options to improve manufacturing of fertilizers for organic farming. BIO-Force does the job with bio-based additives, fit for organic farming. Making high-quality granules available for ecological farmers. 

Bio-based coating

BIO-Force additives significantly improve quality of the particles, reducing the need for coating to prevent caking, dusting or lumping. This opens possibilities to stop using the non-biodegradable coatings. Simply replace them with our BIO-Force fertilizer coatings. 

Prilling without formaldehyde

Up to now, the fertilizer industry was condemned to use formaldehyde for the prilling of urea. With INSTRAL’s BIO-Force prilling additive, the highly toxic formaldehyde can be abandoned while improving the quality of the prills.  BIO-Force prilling additive

  • Used to improve crushing strength of prills.
  • Lowers the dust content
  • Lowers caking tendency
  • Replaces Formaldehyde 
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