C-Force® AGRI

Wind erosion can damage freshly seeded crops. Furthermore the movement of sand particles on the surface of the soil, which also occurs with low wind, will damage crops. This is due to the abrasion of the sand particles.

C-Force® AGRI is especially developed as dust reducing agent for agricultural purposes. It stabilizes the sand particles at the surface protecting crops against abrasion. The result is better and stronger crops and a better yield. C-Force® AGRI also reduces dehydration of the top layer, this results in better germination.

C-Force® AGRI in comparison to other dust reducing agents:


C-Force® Agri

Spring barley

Liquid manure


Dust reduction

Environmentally friendly


Works directly after application


Retaining dust reduction after rain


Long term effect


Harmless for crops



No crop damage during application


 Easy to apply with agricultural sprayer




 Free of minerals


Instral advices the following product for agricultural purposes:

C-Force® AGRI