Innovative Dust Suppression

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Instral is a specialized and leading company in the world of dust protection and dust control.

The innovative C-Force® dust protection additives are applicable in the following situations: 

  • C-Force® Urban
    Dust protection and control in cities and habitats.
  • C-Force® Infra
    Dust protection and control, during the development of infrastructure.
  • C-Force® Recycling
    Dust protection and control, for recycling and waste management companies.
  • C-Force® Industry
    Dust protection and control during bulk storage and transhipment (coal, sand, iron ore pellets etc.) and at mining sites.

We can also provide you with a complete tailormade solutions! Feel free to contact us to discuss the possiblities.

In addition to providing additives Instral can also take care of the complete installation of related equipment. This equipment will be tailored to the specific needs and desires of the customer.

Instral creates unique solutions to suppress the dust liberated at numerous applications, whilst keeping cost and water-consumption low.

This innovation has been funded with support from the European Regional Development Fund of the European Commission.