C-Force® equipment

To help maintain proper dosage of the C-Force® products and keep all operational parameters in the recommended range, INSTRAL Oil Treatment Programs can include dosing and control equipment. The equipment is user-friendly and easy to operate.

Rental fleet

Do you have a project for which you temporarily need a separator?


Dosing equipment

  • Motor driven metering pumps
  • Solenoid driven metering pumps
  • Accessories

Controllers and analysers

  • Single parameter controllers
  • Multiple parameter controllers
  • Cooling tower controllers
  • Analysers

Analytical test sets

  • Multi oil test kit
  • Retort oil, water & solids tester
  • Mud checker
unique chemical product line


It has the focus on quality improvement, untroubled process continuation and environmental care. Worldwide in a wide range of applications, C-Force® products are used. Due to our extended R&D capabilities, we are "the source" for unique Total Treatment Solutions.

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