C-Force® Industry IPC may give the producer and end-user of iron ore pellets the following substantial return on investment:

Less production loss by binding dust that will otherwise be blown away (average results laboratory tests: € 0.07/MT)
Less energy to remove the water from the pellets after outside storage/transport (average results laboratory tests:: € 1.31/MT)
Less ballast water to transport (average results laboratory tests: € 0.45/MT (intercontinental transport))
Lower cleaning costs
Binding dust will give less wear on equipment and damage to electronical devices
A lower water content will make it less likely for the materials to freeze together and form lumps in the train wagon/ship, giving an advantage when unloading the goods.
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It has the focus on quality improvement, untroubled process continuation and environmental care. Worldwide in a wide range of applications, C-Force® products are used. Due to our extended R&D capabilities, we are "the source" for unique Total Treatment Solutions.

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