C-Force® Boiler water products

For each boiler design, pretreatment and boiler system-layout Instral has a specific Water Treatment Program consisting of products in the C-Force® series.







C-Force® WOS series  
  • Oxygen scavenging
  • Preventing oxygen corrosion
  • Prevent metal degradation
C-Force® WCT series
  • Neutralization of condensate
  • Preventing acid corrosion
  • Prevent metal degradation
C-Force® WDA series
  • Anti scaling
  • Dispersing of minerals
  • Dispersing of sludge
  • Prevents mineral scale and deposits
  • Remove old mineral scales and deposits

To help maintain proper dosage of the C-Force® products and keep all operational parameters in the recommended range, Instral Water Treatment Programs includes dosing and control equipment. The equipment is user-friendly and easy to operate.