Instral is looking for experienced Sales Representatives, Agents and Dealers to expanding our business in Germany and Belgium.

About us: 

With twenty years of extensive experience in research & development, Instral is unique in creating and realizing innovative chemical treatment solutions.

This state of the art know-how and experience is resulting in exceptional innovative chemical additives, that aim to achieve the highest standard.

Instral's chemical Solutions are effectively used in a wide scale of branches and industries.

Some examples of our activities are: 

  • Dust Suppressing solutions
  • Oil producing solutions
  • Oil processing solutions
  • Petrochemical solutions
  • Waste water solutions
  • Environmental solutions

Currently we are looking for experienced Sales Representatives, Agents and Dealers to assist us to establish marketing channels in Germany & Belgium. 


  • Wholesaling Instral’s C-Force® products to resellers or companies in your region. 
  • As a manufacturer representative to get long-term contract of OEM/OBM chemical manufacturing.


  • The agents should have experience and a strong network of local connections. 
  • Must have a current book of existing clients or a solid prospective list that can be developed. 
  • Independence in accomplishing personal sales goals and flexibility to create their own schedule. 
  • Must be enthusiastic, energetic, self-motivated and able to work under one’s own initiative. 
  • Must be professional, ethical and have excellent communication skills in core.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.