C-Force® URBAN products

C-Force® URBAN was especially developed to be applied in public areas. Examples of applications are roads, berms, sport facilities and parks. C Force® URBAN can be mixed with seeds of plants and gives the seeds a better chance to germinate and grow since it retains the applied water from evaporating.

The benefits of C-Force® URBAN  at a glance:


C-Force® URBAN

  • Protects against erosion of
    green areas
  • Miscible with seeds of plant
  • Long-term performance
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Keeps green areas healthy
  • Keeps dust fixed on the
  • Retains dust reduction after
  • Aiding plant-growth
  • Works directly after
  • Harmless to roads, cars,
    vegetation and street
  • Works water retaining or
    water- repellent

Using C-Force® URBAN costs will be reduced because less water is applied. The product, which is applied with water, ensures a longer wet surface. This aids the dust reducing characteristics for a longer period of time. The product aids plant growth and, in time, sand strips will be overgrown with plants. The vegetation will also prevent the suspension off dust from that moment.

INSTRAL can provide all the necessary equipment, including dosing- and control equipment. The equipment is user-friendly and easy to operate. C-Force® URBAN  can be easily applied with the following equipment:

  • Spray cannon
  • Fog cannon
  • Nozzle system