C-Force® RECYCLING products

C-Force® RECYCLING is particularly suited for application during recycling processes. The product can be easily applied at the beginning of the process. Grinders, Crushers, shredders, dryers etc. have no negative impact on the efficiency, the dust-tight shell will remain intact.

The advantages of C-Force® RECYCLING at a glance:



  • Excellent in binding dust
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Retains efficiency during 
  • Works directly after 
  • Easy to apply with 
    conventional equipment
  • Harmless to the material
  • Harmless to health

Using C-Force® RECYCLING costs will be reduced because less water is applied. The product is easy to apply with the selected equipment. A dust free environment doesn’t only improve the work comfort and safety, it also reduces the need for cleaning. Due to the retained efficiency during the whole process, a single dosing point at the beginning off the process would normally be sufficient to ensure a complete dust free process.

INSTRAL can provide all the necessary equipment, including dosing- and control equipment. The equipment is user-friendly and easy to operate. C-Force® RECYCLING can be applied with the following equipment:

  • Fog cannon
  • Nozzle installation