C-Force® INFRA products

C-Force® INFRA is particularly suited to be used at construction projects. Examples of applications are:  construction of roads, new residential areas, airports and railways.

C-Force® INFRA can be mixed with seeds of plants and gives the seeds a better chance to germinate and grow since it retains the applied water from evaporating. C-Force® INFRA is available as solid concentrate or as liquid.  

The advantages of C-Force® INFRA at a glance:


C-Force® INFRA

  • Works water-repellent or
    water retaining
  • Protects against erosion
  • Excellent binding of dust
  • Long-term performance
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Retains performance after
  • Works directly after application
  • Harmless to vegetation and
  • Miscible with seeds of plants
  • Free of minerals
  • Harmless to humans and animals

With C-Force® INFRA costs will be reduced because less water is applied. The product is easy to apply with the selected equipment. The spreading of dust to undesired areas is prevented and moreover the work comfort of laborers will be improved.

INSTRAL can provide all the necessary equipment, including dosing- and control equipment. The equipment is user-friendly and easy to operate. C-Force® INFRA can be applied with the following equipment:

  • Spray cannon
  • Fog cannon