Dust suppression Solutions

Instral creates unique solutions to suppress the dust liberated at numerous applications, whilst keeping cost and water-consumption low. This innovation has been funded with support from the European Regional Development Fund of the European Commission.

Examples of our dustsuppression solutions are:

  • C-Force® INDUSTRY
    Dust protection and control during bulk storage and transhipment (coal, sand, iron ore pellets etc.)
    and at mining sites.
  • C-Force® AGRI
    Dust- and erosion control. Applicable in agriculture and horticulture, but can also be applied in other
    natural environments, such as in dunes and beaches.
  • C-Force® INFRA
    Dust protection and control, during the development of infrastructure.
  • C-Force® RECYCLING
    Dust protection and control, for recycling and waste management companies.
  • C-Force® URBAN
    Dust protection and control in cities and habitats.